Top 5 Square Trampolines in 2021 - Trampoline Guide

Top 5 Square Trampolines in 2021

The best square trampolines for 2021 are a sweet spot between round and rectangular tramps in regard to performance.

These models tend to offer around 20% more usable surface compared to a round trampoline of the same size. They are also slightly bouncier than round tramps but not to levels that might make them unsafe for kids as it’s the case with most rectangular models.

In addition, credit to the symmetric design of a square trampoline, it’s easy to place and use it near obstacles and corners, and it does not waste so much space. Since you are here, let’s take you through our recommendations of the best square trampoline for sale this year.

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Comparison Table

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Best Square Trampolines Reviews 2021

rating Skywalker 15-feet Square Trampoline

Skywalker 15-feet Square Trampoline Review

Our rating:

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Max weight:

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Available sizes:

Skywalker is synonymous with great trampolines and it’s actually one of the best trampoline brands to consider this year. For those who might not be familiar with it, just know that this manufacturer is popular for its affordable and above-average quality fun tools.

What we have in this department is the Skywalker 15ft square trampoline which is currently one of the most sought-after square tramps in the market.

While it has several eye-catching features worth raving about, it’s the quality of construction that caught our attention first.

This trampoline’s frame and legs have been crafted from a 16-gauge extra thick rust-resistant galvanized steel tube. To be more precise, the tube used here is 2.4 inches wide in diameter and 0.06 inches (1.5mm) thick.

These dimensions make it amazingly sturdy and stable and this adds to its safety and durability aspects. Still on the construction details, the enclosure poles of this square trampoline are secured on the frame by Skywalker’s welded T-socket which strengthens each joint by preventing twisting.

Again, the polypropylene mat and polyethylene net are 100% sun and weather-resistant. These materials together with the rust-resistant frame and legs allow you to leave the trampoline erected in your backyard throughout the year.

Another feature worth of mention is the stay-put enclosure net that connects directly to the jumping mat for a no-gap jumping surface.

The Skywalker Trampolines 15ft Square trampoline has a total jumping surface of 172 sq.ft. which is much higher than what a 15ft round trampoline offers. This enormous playing surface coupled with the 300-pound weight limit means that it can withstand multiple kids jumping at once and most adults too.


  • pros Has a good bounce thanks to the 96 7.7’’ springs
  • pros Thick frame, legs, and enclosure support poles make it amazingly sturdy and stable
  • pros Sturdy stay-put net seems very durable
  • pros Net connects directly to the mat


  • cons The components may ship separately and on different dates

rating Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline Review

Our rating:

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Max weight:

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There’s no doubting that the Springfree trampoline 11ft S113 is pricey compared to other standard alternatives in these square trampoline reviews. But it’s nothing much than you’d want to pay for the safest square trampoline in the world.

Springfree trampolines pride themselves on their ‘spring-free’ construction design that eliminates the key danger zones that plague spring-based tramps.

In place of the springs, a Springfree trampoline is fitted with flexible rods with the frame located far below the mat.

This means 2 things: first, there is absolutely no risk that your kids will ever have their feet and hands bruised, cut, or scrapped by springs that weren’t properly padded. Second, the risk of the jumpers slamming their head on hard edges when stunts go wrong is highly reduced since the frame just can’t be reached.

The S113 Springfree trampoline is 11ft by 11ft and offers a total jumping surface of 113 sq.ft. While this is notably smaller than what the 15’ square trampoline above offers, the jumping surface is still enormous especially considering that the mat is usable from edge to edge.

This trampoline has a jumper’s weight capacity of 220 pounds and a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds. The latter refers to the highest weight that the mat and general skeleton of the tramp can withstand. But it’s advisable to remain within the manufacturer-recommended single jumper weight limit for safety reasons.


  • pros Safer than spring-based models
  • pros Very soft landings
  • pros High-quality construction materials holds up well to the elements


  • cons It’s pricey
  • cons Assembling is demanding

rating Skywalker Square Jump-N-Count Interactive Trampoline

Skywalker Square Jump-N-Count Interactive Trampoline Review

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Max weight:

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Available sizes:


Moving from a large square trampoline to one of the smallest models that you’ll come across today, enter the Skywalker 33 inch square mini jumper trampoline.

This model is for parents and caregivers who want to keep their youngsters engaged and fit at the same time without spending too much. Considering its size, this is also an ideal alternative if you don’t have enough space to set an enormous bouncy plaything at your yard.

This small square trampoline with handlebar will fit in almost any room in the house and it’s also less demanding in terms of storage. This size and lightweight design (around 20 pounds) also allow you to take the fun outside and use it as an indoor trampoline when the weather won’t allow outdoor enjoyment.

The Skywalker Trampolines 36 inch has 4 2-in-1 legs. Each of these legs has been angled to boost stability and also has a rubber cap to protect your carpet and floors.

On the same note, the legs and frame are made of 16 gauge stainless steel that makes the trampoline strong enough to support the 60-pound manufacturer recommended weight capacity.

As opposed to using the traditional spring system, this trampoline is fitted with 32 stretch bands that are just as bouncy but with reduced risk of catching small fingers and feet. The stretch bands are again covered with a soft pad to make them even safer.

Worth mentioning, these stretch bands mean that the tramp does not squeak at all compared to a traditional spring-based rebounder. This is very practical for those times when your small ball of energy wants to have a ride in the living room.

As you’d expect for a small square kids trampoline, this model comes with a padded handlebar for added stability. But what your kid will really love is the interactive console that keeps track of the number of jumps and also congratulates them after every 10 jumps on a specific spot on the polypropylene mat.


  • pros Interactive and full of fun
  • pros Quality construction materials
  • pros Lightweight and noise-free for use anywhere (indoors and outdoors)
  • pros Stretch bands are bouncy and a lot safer than springs


  • cons Kids might overgrow it fast
  • cons Reports of a few loose screws that make it squeak

Skywalker 14-feet Square Trampoline

Skywalker 14-feet Square Trampoline Review

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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

This 14ft Skywalker square trampoline is among the latest releases from this brand, and anyone who has used it will tell you that it’s one of the best trampolines for a family of gymnasts.

This model is a little bit smaller than its sibling, the 15ft Skywalker but as it’s usually the case with square trampolines, it offers a jumping surface almost equal to that of a 16-inch round trampoline.

This means that your family gets an enormous playing surface without the trampoline grabbing all the available space at your backyard.

True to Skywalker’s tradition, this 14ft square trampoline uses a thick galvanized steel tube for the frame and legs for optimum stability. The construction design also incorporates a t-socket through which the frame and legs interlock to prevent wiggling and to make the entire rig even more stable.

As far as your family’s safety is concerned, this trampoline ticks almost all the boxes that really matter; a polyethylene net that attaches directly to the mat, a good enclosure height to keep everyone inside, a hard-to-forget zippered doorway, and a nicely padded spring system.

This trampoline is among the bounciest square trampolines on the market today too thanks to its 96 thick steel springs.


  • pros Great bounce for jumping stunts
  • pros A high net with gapless design
  • pros Springs are decently padded
  • pros Great closure


  • cons Assembly is easy, but it will take you some time

Galt Folding Trampoline

Galt Folding Trampoline Review

Our rating:

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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

A great alternative to the Skywalker Trampolines 36’’ Jump and Count that we saw earlier, the Galt is yet another one of the best square trampolines for kids.

This might be your go-to model if you feel that your kid is not big enough yet for an adult-size tramp. It’s also a good choice for parents who are hunting for an affordable square trampoline for kids.

The Galt is pretty much similar to the Skywalker on almost all fronts, only that it is 2 inches smaller and a lot cheaper.

Boasting a weight capacity of 55 pounds, the Galt is a child-friendly model with a bright-colored welcoming design and a lot of safety features. The legs, for instance, are angled to prevent the tramp from tipping over even with the jumpiest kids. The frame and legs have also been powder-coated to prevent early rusting.

As its title suggests, what gives the Galt a competitive edge when compared to other models of its type is its folding legs. This design makes storage a lot easier and it also makes it possible to carry the tramp in and outside the house without lots of stress.


  • pros Affordable
  • pros Folding legs for easy storage and portability
  • pros Bungee cords make it less squeaky
  • pros Very easy to set up


  • cons You might need to replace the bungee cords sooner
  • cons Not so bouncy

Best Square Trampolines Buying Guide 2021

Are square trampolines any good?

Well, all trampolines (round, rectangle, oval, and square) have their strengths and weaknesses. Round trampolines, for instance, are the most popular and easy to find and the most affordable too. But they tend to take a lot of space wherever they are placed.

A rectangular trampoline, on the other hand, is great for long but narrow backyards. They also offer the best bounce thereby taking the upper hand in terms of popularity with gymnasts. But they are the priciest.

Square outdoor trampolines combine the strengths of round and rectangular trampolines to offer you a play tool with tons of fun and that which is much safer and easy to manage too.

Here is a low-down of what makes square trampolines worth going for;

  • They don’t occupy a lot of space
  • You can place them near obstacles and corners (it’s important to maintain the manufacturer-recommended safety zone though)
  • Jumpers land exactly where they took off from thereby minimizing the risk of collisions
  • Smaller is bigger- they offer a larger jumping surface than their similarly-sized round alternatives
  • They pack a good amount of bounce

What should you consider when purchasing a square trampoline for family?

Square trampoline sizes

The temptation to get the biggest trampoline available is always overwhelming. But at times, big isn’t always the best. The ideal size for your trampoline depends on the intended user and the amount of space available for it.

For instance, a 36 inch square mini jumper trampoline may be just what your preschooler needs. If you are buying the tramp for a family of jumpers though, a model that measures 13-15 feet might be worth checking out.

Weight capacity of square trampoline

Of course, you want to buy a trampoline that will withstand the weight of the intended users. Most square trampolines for adults will support over 200lbs with others getting as high as 500+ pounds. A high weight capacity tramp allows multiple jumpers to have a ride on the mat at the same time which (although not recommendable) adds a lot of fun.

Square trampoline safety

Trampoline safety is a broad topic that starts right from the quality of construction to how the tramp is used. Consider the stability and sturdiness of the trampoline. The size and thickness of the tubes used for the legs and frame and how the 2 connect to each other are good telltales of whether or not the trampoline will be sturdy.

In addition, consider the quality of the materials used for the mat and net. Trampolines mats made from polypropylene and polyethylene nets are the best. However, it’s good to consider any additional construction details that make the 2 more durable and resistance to weather elements such as UV treatment.


Adding a trampoline to your backyard is a great way to bring fun to the whole family. Actually, we are yet to come across anyone who would honestly say no the giddy thrill that comes with jumping on one- including both the young and the old.

The best square trampolines for 2021 now incorporate tons of safety features to put your mind at ease, while still maintaining the fun that these playthings are known for.

We’ve reviewed the 5 best square trampolines to help you decide on the right model. If you’ve made up your mind to go with these models, we believe you’ll find the best square trampoline from our collection above.


Do square trampolines bounce higher?

It is proved that a bounce quality on a square trampoline is firmer than on a round trampoline. It allows you to jump higher and do a lot of jumping tricks. The square trampoline is a perfect variant for gymnasts and athletes for performing different tricks and exercises. So, if you are looking for a trampoline with a good bounce quality, pay your attention to square trampolines.

How much does a square trampoline cost?

The pricing policy of square trampoline varies from $600 up to $1500 depending on the model peculiarities and brand popularity. The higher-end models reach the price $1500. The reasons for different prices are material quality, size, design and safety of a square trampoline.

Why are square trampolines more expensive?

The square trampolines are more expensive due to the fact that they are mostly used by professional athletes and gymnasts. It should be mentioned that square trampolines have high-quality parts that influence significantly the pricing policy.

How to install a square trampoline mat?

It is recommended to start with laying down the canvas on the ground inside the frame. Then you should attach each spring into a loop that you can find on the sides of the canvas mat. The next step is to place the loop into a hook on the frame of the trampoline and fix the spring to the trampoline frame. Make sure that you have done this action for each side. Lastly, attach all springs to the frame of the trampoline.

How to measure a square trampoline?

You need to follow these easy steps in order to measure your square trampoline correctly. Start with measuring any of two short sides at the trampoline outer metal edge. Firstly, take measurements straight across to the opposite side of the trampoline, then to the trampoline metal edge. Now you should measure either of two long sides. Therefore, you get dimensions of your square trampoline.

How to set up a square trampoline?

To set up a square trampoline, you should carry out such actions as assembling the frame, attaching the jumping pad, assembling the enclosure net. The frame setup will be much faster by using a power drill, you also need to screw in the bolts carefully. To attach the jumping pad, please use your spring hook to put the springs to the necessary slots. Add the enclosure pad to each pole during assembling the enclosure net.

Are square or round trampolines better?

There are different shapes of trampolines, but square and round trampolines are in favour among most buyers. It is necessary to mention that square trampolines are most suitable for intermediate jumpers, whereas round trampolines are intended for the usage by beginners. If you are an intermediate jumper, we recommend using square trampolines. You should pay attention to their obvious advantages such as quality of bouncing, huge area to do tricks and ability to jump and land anywhere. So, if you prefer high jumps, stunts and flips, the square trampoline is a perfect choice.

What is the largest square trampoline?

The largest square trampoline on the US market is a 16ft square trampoline. This trampoline gives an opportunity to enjoy a large jumping surface, but you need to have a large amount of space outside to install this trampoline. A 16 feet long square trampoline has also more weight capacity that is an obvious advantage.

Where can I get a square trampoline for a good price?

We made a list of the most convenient and qualitative square trampolines at affordable prices. You can choose a suitable square trampoline above, then check the price and make an order.

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