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Review of TOP-10 Best Safest Trampolines in 2020

The trampolines are rare outdoor gifts that continue to thrive as others retire. It offers hours of entertainment for the entire family which not only aids in working off pent-up energy, but also helps in developing family social skills.

For the overanxious mom and dad who fear for their nippers’ safety, manufacturers now have several innovative approaches to safety that ensure that no one gets hurt! In the light of this, here are our picks of what we consider to be the Top 10 Best Safest Trampolines in 2020.

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Comparison Table

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Trampoline Image Our rating Max weight Price Check price on
Zupapa TUV
Zupapa TUV Review
rating-first 5.0 330lb $$
Springfree Trampoline
Springfree Trampoline Review
rating-second 4.7 220lb $$$$
JumpSport AlleyOOP
JumpSport AlleyOOP Review
rating-third 4.5 295lb $$$
Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk
Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Review
star 4.3 200lb $$

Best Safe Trampolines Reviews

rating Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Our top pick here is currently considered not only the world’s safest trampoline but the coolest too, and it’s not hard to see why.

The main reason why we highly recommend the Springfree 13ft Jumbo is that it does not have those dangerous springs that are infamous for lacerations and sprained ankles. This design also eliminates the dreaded spaces along the edges that jumpers especially boys and men fear plunging through.  

It’s also fitted with a polypropylene (currently the best material) enclosure net called FlexiNet. This net has been crafted to cave inwards to retain the jumpers and protect them from hitting the support poles, and it’s UV-treated to offer years of durability in the sun.

The mat itself is engineered to withstand up to 220 pounds of jumper weight and 5,000 hours of direct sun exposure. The steel frames, on the other hand, have been powder-coated for magnificent durability and can have a load capacity of 1100lbs.

Basically, the construction design of this trampoline means that it’s usable by several kids at a go or an adult and it can be safely left out all year long.

Note that while this is a 13ft square trampoline with 155sq. feet of usable jumping area, the fact that the mat is connected to the net makes it equivalent to most 16ft round trampolines. But it’s also available in 11×11, 8×13 (oval), 8×11 (oval), and 10ft (round) sizes and shapes.

Some of the nice-to-have accessories that double the fun include a sturdy basketball hoop, a ladder, and the ability to connect to tgoma- Springfree’s patented fitness app for both adults and kids.


  • pros Incredible build quality
  • pros Spring-free design and no spaces along the edges
  • pros Flexible and safe UV-treated net
  • pros Super-tough fabric mat
  • pros Has a ladder, basketball hoop, and tgoma


  • cons Quite expensive

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:


Skywalker is a name to reckon with in the trampoline industry, and what we like about them is their ability to enhance the overall safety of the jumper without taking their price tags through the roof. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the Springless Trampoline 13ft Jumbo above, we can confidently recommend this one.

The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 15ft is a spring-based trampoline engineered to withstand up to 200 pounds of jumper weight. Uniquely, this model does not suffer the safety hazards that plague conventional models. Similar to our top pick above, this bouncer has a patented no-gap enclosure design that is achieved by attaching the net directly to the mat and taking the springs outside the jumping zone.

Worth mentioning, the net is supported upright by heavily padded steel posts that have been curved outwards to keep the jumper safely out of harm’s way.

This trampoline actually gets its name from the basketball hoop on board and it’s available in a variety of colors to suit your family’s needs. While what we are reviewing here is the 15ft model, you can also get it in 12ft and 8ft sizes.


  • pros Safe no-gap enclosure
  • pros Springs located outside of the jumping zone
  • pros Galvanized steel T-sockets for structural stability
  • pros Available in different colors
  • pros Great price tag


  • cons Might need protection from the elements

rating JumpSport AlleyOOP

JumpSport AlleyOOP Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



currency usd currency usd currency usd currency usd

Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

One great feature that gives JumpSport AlleyOOP the upper hand in terms of performance is its Patented VariableBounce Technology. Let not this term confuse you: simply put, this is a performance enhancement technology that involves a system of springs some of which engage immediately the jumper lands on the mat while others engage a split second later. The essence here is to allow the jumper to absorb the shock gradually rather than abruptly, and this puts less stress on the bones.

Notably, this safe spring system also tends to give the JumpSport AlleyOOP quite a good bounce than most of the trampolines that we came across, and that’s exactly what trampoline enthusiasts want.

The JumpSport AlleyOOP is several folds pricier than the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk above, but the quality of materials used for this model explains why. For one thing, while this is a 12ft bouncer, it offers a jumper weight capacity of 240lbs which is significantly higher than what the 15ft Skywalker offers.

This trampoline is crafted with high-quality materials including pre-galvanized steel frames, 96 black extra-stretch springs, and a UV-treated Permatron jumping mat with 10 rows of stitching that make for a high-performance and element-resistant jumping mat.

We are also great fans of the deal that this manufacturer offers in terms of warranty: you get 10 years for the jumping mat and net, 5 years for the springs, 2 years for the spring pads, and 1 year for all other parts.


  • pros Quality materials for durability
  • pros VariableBounce technology for smooth and low-impact landings
  • pros Strong springs, mat, and net
  • pros Incredible warranty deals


  • cons Installation might be lengthy
  • cons On the pricey side

rating Zupapa TUV

Zupapa TUV Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

The inconspicuous Zupapa is yet another great option for homeowners who are in the market for a top rated safety trampoline with enclosure.

This model is available in 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft sizes all of which offer the highest maximum weight capacities that we’ve seen so far. For instance, the 15ft model which happens to be the largest offers an amazing 375 pounds of jumper weight capacity, while the 12ft and 14ft have a capacity of 330 pounds each. Honestly, none of the trampolines that we’ve reviewed so far comes any closer to these figures.

These high weight capacities mean that you can confidently take a spin on these trampolines without the fear of plunging through the mat. Similar to the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk, the padded spring system in this model is also located outside the jumping surface thereby eliminating the risk of trapped and injured limbs and backs.  

Another thing that boosts this bouncers’ rank in most lists of the safest trampolines on the market is its TUV Approved status. If you’re curious, TUV (Technical Inspection Association) is a Germany-based consultant group that tests the safety of products including amusement rides and electrical appliances.

But what’s even more impressive is that you won’t have to buy a ladder and a rain cover separately since these too are included in the package.


  • pros Mat crafted from Polypropylene for durability
  • pros Padded springs are located outside the fun zone
  • pros High-quality and safe TUV Approved construction
  • pros Ladder and rain cover included
  • pros Reasonable price


  • cons Polyethylene net isn’t the best

Helpful Tips on Buying the Safest Trampoline on the Market

Netted Enclosure

Trampoline safety is a broad topic that involves understanding how trampoline accidents happen, and what measures the manufacturers put in place to avert these occurrences.

Just as in our old good days, most trampoline accidents today emanate from being thrown out of the jumping mat onto hard surfaces, bikes, and onlookers.

To remedy this, modern manufacturing has now introduced netted enclosures that keep the jumper inside, and we really recommend you to consider a trampoline with it.

When we say a safety net, we mean a high-quality one preferably made from Polypropylene. Polyethylene and Polyester nets do offer an economical alternative for buyers on a budget, but they are rigid and more prone to ripping and letting the flying kid out with time.

As good as these safety nets are, the poles that suspend them do pose a hazard as they can cause injuries when hit at speed. And that’s why we recommend an enclosure system with enough padding on the supportive posts and a net that pulls towards the center of the jumping surface to keep the jumper off the poles.  

Padding for the springs

The springs in traditional trampolines are guilty of scratching and pinching the young jumpers’ backs, snapped ankles, and strangulations- too much for a toy!

To solve this issue, you’ll want to ensure that your target trampoline has a strong and reliable safety padding to protect the jumper from the springs and metal frame. The padded section should also sport a contrasting color to that of the mat to help define the edges clearly.

Unfortunately, our search for the safest trampoline for backyard 2020 revealed that this padding doesn’t always guarantee safety. As an average buyer, you might also not be able to tell the quality and reliability of the padding more so if you are shopping online.

Perhaps the safest bet would be to avoid the spring-based trampolines altogether in favor of the latest springless models. But wait, are Springfree trampolines really safer? Are they even bouncy? Read on.  

Springless Trampolines

The dawn of Springfree trampolines seems to have solved almost 50% of the safety issues that continue to plague conventional spring-based trampolines. And Dr. Keith Alexander, the inventor of Springfree Trampolines is the guy to take all the credit here.

These latest offerings don’t rely on springs to connect the mat to the frame for tension. Instead, they use bendy fiberglass rods that connect to the edge and beneath the jumping surface.

Speaking to Forbes, Dr. Alexander says that this invention keeps the jumpers out of harm’s way by eliminating all the gaps that kids tend to plunge through, and keeping the metallic frame well beneath the mat to avoid contact.

Amazingly, most of the best and safest springless trampolines that we’ve come across don’t seem to compromise bounce for safety. So you can now have a good bounce without the fear of lacerations and scratched backs.

Note that these additional safety designs mean that you’ll have to pay top dollar for the trampoline. But parents who have had an encounter with trampoline-related injuries will tell you that these bouncers are worth every single penny.

Trampoline Size and Shape

Right off the bat, a trampoline will never be too large especially if you have a family of jumpers including dad. But then again, getting the right size safe trampoline for your family depends on several factors including the amount of space available in your backyard, the number of people that will be jumping at the same time and their age and weight.

Size and shape go bumper-to-bumper when buying a trampoline. These outdoor fun accessories may take a number of shapes with round, rectangle, and square trampolines being the most common. But you’ll also see some ovals and octagons.  

We recommend you to consider your yard’s shape and size first before committing to a certain safe bouncer. When determining the right size, keep in mind that trampolines are measured by frame length and not the size of the jumping mat. This is to say that circular trampolines are measured in terms of diameter while rectangles and squares are measured in length and width.

Round trampolines are usually the most common since they fit in most yards and they are also the least expensive. If you don’t have a large backyard or a high budget, circular trampolines measuring 8-10 ft and the rectangular models measuring 7×10 ft and 8 ft might suit you.

If you are hunting for the best safe trampolines for 2 people or more, you’ll want to consider 12-15 ft round trampolines and rectangular models that measure 12 ft and above.

Weight Limit

The last feature that you’ll need to figure out is in fact, the most important here: weight limit. The weight limit of a trampoline refers to the maximum weight that a given model can hold safely during normal use. For instance, the Skywalker Trampolines 15-feet jump n’ dunk trampoline with safety enclosure has a weight limit of 200 pounds.

This is to say that safety is only guaranteed if the weight of the jumper (or jumpers) does not exceed this mark. Or put in a simpler way, this trampoline is safe for 2 teens with a total weight of, say, 180 pounds, but not safe for an adult who weighs 220 pounds.

It’s simple to comprehend, right? But is it safe to trust trampoline weight limits?

Trusting the weight limit of a trampoline involves understanding how these limits are actually determined, and getting feedback from first-time users.

The safest trampoline brands use ASTM’s (American Society for Testing and Materials) guidelines to determine the maximum capacity that their bouncers can hold. Basically, for a trampoline to pass the ASTM test, it should be able to support 4 times its stated weight limited for at least 5 minutes without the mat, spring, and frames breaking or showing any signs of deformation.  

However, the fact that these units can actually withstand up to 4 times their weight does not allow you to let all your kids take a spin on the bounce all at once. If anything, we, as well as most manufacturers, don’t recommend 2 jumpers to get on to the trampoline together. Why?

As Dr. Wray, a pediatric Neurosurgeon tells, while netting enclosures have minimized the risk of flying off the bouncer to a greater extent; injuries emanating from all sorts of collisions when 2 or more people get on the trampoline together are on the rise.

This is to say that there should never be more than one jumper at a time. We know that this is the hardest rule to comply with because, well, trampolining is fun when you have your friends on board. All in all, it’s good that we mentioned it.


Children love bouncers, and so do parents! These fun tools offer a great cardiovascular workout to adults and teenagers and also help kids to develop motor skills, flexibility, and self-esteem among other benefits.

As a recap, remember that the safest trampolines on the market are the ones that feature a no-gap design and has a flexible netting enclosure with an opening that can be zipped up and down from either side.

Lastly, as you may have realized from the reviews, manufacturing technology has really changed and top-rated spring-based trampolines are now as safe as the newest Springfree hybrids. And that means that there is always a safe trampoline for your home at every price point.

Nolan Harris