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Propel Trampolines Reviews – Are They Worth the Money?

Propel trampolines are an affordable brand of American trampolines with fun on their mind! And what makes them particularly fun, is the sheer number of accessories they offer as well as the incredibly pocket-friendly price; you certainly won’t be breaking the bank to get your family one of these, they’ve succeeded in making these tramps accessible to the average family.

Don’t expect to find professional athletes or gymnasts using them. This brand has squarely targeted both their indoor and outdoor trampolines, at children and families for recreational use.

As stated, buying a Propel trampoline means getting some really cool, fun accessories to go with it, making this brand really stand out. They include the basketball hoop system, clubhouse covers, shade covers, weather covers, anchor kits, ladders, mister kits, and mist sprayers, spring pullers and accessory kits (more about these later in this article).

But which Propel trampoline should you buy out of the many available? You want to be sure that you’re getting a return on your investment and most importantly that your kids will love and have fun with the trampoline.

In this review of Propel trampolines, we shall break down the models available on Amazon, their pros and cons, and explore which would best suit your family’s needs.

Table of contents

  1. Table of contents
  2. Comparison Table
  3. Best PROPEL Trampolines Reviews
  4. What to look out for when buying your PROPEL Trampoline
  5. What about PROPEL Trampoline Accessories? Which are the best to buy?
  6. How do Propel Trampolines compare to other similar Trampoline Brands?
  7. Conclusion

Comparison Table

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Trampoline Image Our rating Max weight Price Check price on
Propel Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline
Propel Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline Review
rating-first 4.6 150lb $
Propel Junior Trampoline PTS55-RE
Propel Junior Trampoline PTS55-RE Review
rating-second 4.5 100lb $

Best PROPEL Trampolines Reviews

rating Propel Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

Propel Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

Standing at 86 inches with a weight limit of 150 pounds, this indoor/outdoor Propel trampoline answers your kid’s needs perfectly and will grow with them throughout their early childhood. That it comes with a free JumpNJam basketball hoop attached, makes it even more kid-friendly. The basketball’s included too, but not alas the net, this must be purchased separately.

It has an advanced T-bracket system that prevents the frame from twisting inconveniently when in use, increasing its sturdiness. These T-brackets lock into 4 strong U-shaped legs, further making this tramp one of the safest options for your children. A wide leg stance generally increases the tramp’s stability.

40 high-quality galvanized steel springs are securely attached to the frame giving a soft smooth bounce, one of the best in the market and particularly suited to your kid’s young knees and joints. There is also sufficient safety padding over the springs, an added and welcome safety feature that prevents your child from experiencing any hard knocks while playing.

It is recommended that only one child use this tramp at a time given its 7-inch diameter jumping surface, but we have known two children to comfortably and safely play within it at the same time. The jumping surface is made of high-quality material and is edged well onto the frame, with rounded triangular rings, making it just taught enough to give that perfect bounce.

Do note, however, that the safety enclosure net only attaches at 4 points on the tramp’s round frame. This can cause it to hang awkwardly and the net may obstruct children as they play.

One thing we particularly like about the Propel 7 foot round trampoline, is that it’s remarkably easy to assemble despite the high number of springs. You’ll probably only need a plier, screwdriver and a wrench to get the job done.


  • pros Incredible bounce due to the high number of quality springs attached to the frame
  • pros Wide U-shaped legs give the trampoline good stability
  • pros Very affordable
  • pros Easily assembled


  • cons The net can sit untidily on the trampoline’s round frame obstructing children’s play.
  • cons Most trampolines come with the ladder included in the price, this one doesn’t and you’ll have to purchase the ladder separately

rating Propel Junior Trampoline PTS55-RE

Propel Junior Trampoline PTS55-RE Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



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Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

Simply put, this is a delight for your little one and is sure to get your pre-schooler hooked.

Its weight limit stands at 100 pounds, perfect for one child at a time to comfortably play.

Standing at 18 inches, this small pre-school trampoline with enclosure is very portable and can comfortably be used indoors if the weather is bad or alternatively outdoors should you fancy it.

Instead of galvanized springs which can prove a safety hazard, the jumping surface is attached to the frame using 30 heavy duty bungee springs giving it an incredible soft toddler-friendly bounce.

The safety enclosure is soft yet durable so there’s no ‘brick wall effect’ when your pre-schooler bumps into it. It is attached to the jumping surface using thickly padded poles which add comfort and prevent the tramp from tipping over.


  • pros Very affordable
  • pros Added safety base net that prevents the safety hazard of children, pets or toys from getting under the trampoline
  • pros The net is soft and the poles padded giving your toddler a soft landing while playing
  • pros Bungee springs replace galvanized springs reducing any sharp metal parts that may come into contact with your toddler


  • cons The trampoline’s feet point out which can be a safety hazard
  • cons The bungee springs need regular replacement, an added cost to the buyer

What to look out for when buying your PROPEL Trampoline

Weight Limits

Although we’ve reviewed tramps with lighter weight limits ranging from 100 – 150 pounds, suitable for toddlers and young children, there are models with higher weight limits the most being 275 pounds, which can safely accommodate most fully grown adults. You must decide who will mostly be using the tramp before buying it, to get the optimal use out of it.

Replacement Parts

Inevitable parts will wear out and will need replacing. Replacement parts such as bungee springs, leg pieces, jumping mats, safety enclosures, and 7-inch springs can easily be found online. The good news is that they’re not all that expensive. It is advisable however to order the parts you may need in advance and in bulk to save on shipping costs.

Availability and Compatibility of Accessories

Not all accessories go with all Propel Trampoline models. Although the ladder is ubiquitously compatible with all trampolines and even those from other brands, accessories like the clubhouse and shade covers, are model-specific depending on the size of the trampoline. Therefore when buying online, you must carefully explore which accessories are compatible before buying your chosen trampoline.

What about PROPEL Trampoline Accessories? Which are the best to buy?

Simply one of the best features of this American trampoline brand, the accessories are varied and create real interest and variety to children. Some come with the trampoline saving on cost, but some must be bought separately if needed.

Below are some of the main accessories you’ll find with Propel trampolines


This affordable ladder is brilliantly universal fitting all Propel 15’ trampolines, as well as the smaller 14’, 12’, 8’ and 7’ trampolines. They’re not compatible with the smaller pre-school trampoline. They also go well with other trampoline brands making them extremely versatile. They comprise of powder-coated steel making them very durable but not rust resistant so they should be kept indoors when not in use. They stand at 39 inches, support a weight of 150 pounds and are extremely easy to assemble.

Shade Cover

A lovely addition on the accessories list, the 100% polyester shade cover gives ample protection from the sun on hot summer days, while still keeping the trampoline quite open and breezy for older children to play. They are however model-specific so be sure to get the right one for your trampoline.


This is what children love most about these Propel trampolines. These clubhouse covers are fun and add much interest to children’s play but be sure to check which trampoline model they fit into before buying. They have an ample zippered entrance with 3 see-through windows on the canvas that channel light into the tented area. It comes in one piece so is extremely easy to assemble.

Anchor Kit

This kit fits all Propel trampolines and other brands as well, helping protect them from damage in unstable weather such as strong winds. It works in the same way as stakes anchoring a tent into the ground. Comprised of 3 18 inch galvanized steel stakes and strong nylon straps, this kit has a super-hold strength and is very easy to install.

JamNJump Basketball Hoop System

This accessory simply screams fun! Some models such as the Indoor/Outdoor 7 foot Propel trampoline include it in their purchase price but with other models, the hoop system must be purchased separately. The backboard is extremely sturdy and the hoop very flexible making it hard for this accessory to snap.

Weather cover

Made of PE material, the weather cover is strong, waterproof and long-lasting. It’s a very useful accessory to consider in order to prolong the life of your trampoline by protecting it from unfavorable weather conditions and harmful UV rays. It is model-specific so choose carefully to ensure that it fits your trampoline.

Mister Kit and Mist Sprayer

Especially useful on hot sunny summer days, this can be a fun accessory to include with your purchase. The mister kit and spray system cool the jumping area significantly by gently spraying water around it, meaning children can play comfortably for longer in hot weather.

Accessory Kits

These are all-package in-one kits comprised of ladders, anchor kits, and shoe bags. They are not a very necessary purchase as the trampoline can work quite well without them or with only one of the included items, but they are available for sale nevertheless.

Spring Puller

This is a useful affordable part of the Propel trampoline accessories array that helps you assemble your tramp single-handedly, making getting your tramp up and running a breeze.

How do Propel Trampolines compare to other similar Trampoline Brands?

Propel Pre-school Trampoline vs. Giantex Mini Jumping Trampoline

The Propel Pre-school Enclosed Small trampoline trumps the similar Giantex 55” Round Kids Mini Jumping Trampoline with Safety Pad Enclosure in the weight limit category as it supports a higher weight limit of 100 pounds compared to Giantex’s 66 pounds. This means that your toddler can use the Propel trampoline for longer before switching to a bigger tramp.

However, Giantex tramp is much taller standing at 55 inches compared to Propel’s 18 inches, giving more room for your child to move. It is also collapsible making for easier storage, while the Propel model is not.

Both have padded frames and added base safety nets making it super comfortable and safe for toddlers to use, but where the Propel Pre-school tramp clearly uses bungee springs to attach the jumping mat to the frame, it is not clear whether Giantex uses galvanized springs to do the same job. If so, the Propel tramp would have a clear advantage as the less exposed metal there is around toddlers, the safer it is for them to play.


So which PROPEL trampoline comes out above the rest? Well, it really depends on your needs.

If you have a larger family with relatively grown children, the Propel 15’ trampoline or the Propel 14’ trampoline (although we haven’t reviewed these here), will probably serve you well. They have wide U-shaped legs for the ultimate stability, a safety net enclosure and a padded frame for smooth landings. They are sturdy enough to hold an adult or two to three children at a go and will give you good value for money.

However, if you’re looking to entertain your younger children or toddlers at home, we heartily recommend the two models reviewed here – the Propel 7’ indoor/outdoor trampoline for older children and the Propel Pre-school enclosed small trampoline with enclosure for toddlers and pre-schoolers. The incredible bounce, soft but durable enclosures and soft padding on both these models, will give you peace of mind and joy as your child plays, so we opine that they are both good buys depending on your child’s age.

And the price just hits the spot. After all, these trampolines won’t accommodate your children forever, so you might as well spend minimally now and invest in a more expensive trampoline as your children grow.

Nolan Harris