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Top 8 bounciest trampolines to buy

Trampolines are loved for one thing and one thing only: their bounce. Well, you could think of other reasons why you’d want to own one of these fun tools including their health and physical benefits. But at the end of it all, these benefits emanate from trampolines’ bouncy nature.

It is worth noting that the trampoline bouncy also depends on the weight of the jumper and on the wind when it comes to the outdoor trampoline. But at the same time, it is worth considering more important factors when buying bounciest a trampoline: high-quality trampoline springs and mat. That being said, let’s look at the 8 best trampolines for a high bounce this year.

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Comparison Table

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Trampoline Image Our rating Max weight Price Check price on
Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD
Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD Review
rating-first 5 Unlimited $$$
JumpSport AlleyOOP DoubleBounce
JumpSport AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Review
rating-second 4.9 250lb $$$
SkyBound Stratos
SkyBound Stratos Review
rating-third 4.8 330lb $$$
Kinetic K12-6BE Trampoline
Kinetic K12-6BE Trampoline Review
star 4.3 250lb $

Best High Bounce Trampoline Reviews

rating JumpSport AlleyOOP DoubleBounce

JumpSport AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



currency usd currency usd currency usd currency usd

Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

The AlleyOOP DoubleBouce is regarded as one of the highest bouncing round trampolines this year, and a closer inspection of its construction design and details is all it takes to understand why.

One thing that sets this rebounder apart is its 128 high-performance springs crafted from music wire for optimum stretch. This number is the highest that we’ve come across in round tramps so far and as we have explained in our best trampoline buying guide below, a higher number of springs translates to a higher bounce.

But what actually gives the AlleyOOP its characteristic high bounce is its 2-mat construction design. This is the first of its kind, by the way, and works by trapping air between the 2 mats to create a giant pillow-like feel that sends you soaring high.

The air trapped between the 2 surfaces also acts as a shock-absorber thereby giving the jumper way softer landings that greatly reduce the risk of injuries.

Other features that we really love about the AlleyOOP Jumpsport DoubleBounce is its 250-pound weight limit and its high quality and sturdy, heavy-duty frames and poles.


  • pros Unbeatable construction design
  • pros Highest number of springs ever
  • pros Safe and smooth landings plus high rebounds
  • pros Very durable
  • pros Leading warranty deals


  • cons Assembling takes some time

rating Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



currency usd currency usd currency usd currency usd

Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

Rectangular-shaped rebounders make the best bounce trampolines in the world especially if this shape is combined with a high number of long springs, and that’s exactly what the Acon Air 16 brings.

This tramp is notably pricier compared to the rest in this list, but that’s because the manufacturer didn’t stop at anything in designing a rebounder that will offer the best value for money in terms of bounce, safety, and durability.

The Acon Air 16 measures 10ft by 17ft and has a height of 126 inches from the ground to the top of the safety enclosure.

This tramp beats the AlleyOOP above with its 140’’ springs that are also much longer at 10 inches. This automatically means that you should expect a slightly better bounce.

We also like the cross-sewed polypropylene mat that has been sewed 10 times and UV-treated for durability and agility.

Another thing that makes the Acon the best bounce trampoline for large families is that it has no single user weight limit. That’s a guarantee that virtually everyone can have a ride on it.


  • pros No single user weight limit
  • pros Built like a tank
  • pros Usable by the whole family
  • pros Lots of accessories included (spring-pull tool, ladder)
  • pros Resists elements


  • cons Quite pricey
  • cons Lengthy assembly

rating SkyBound Stratos

SkyBound Stratos Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



currency usd currency usd currency usd currency usd

Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

The Skybound Stratos is another model that won’t miss a slot in most reviews of the bounciest trampolines in 2020, and there’s so much to like about it.

While what we have here is the 12ft model (the smallest and the most affordable), you could also get it in 14ft or 15ft versions, that is, if you want a large jumping surface.

Besides its eye-catching design, we were really impressed by its best-in-class steel frame that has been painted black to curb early rusting. This means that you can leave it erected in your backyard all year round.

Switching gear to what makes it bouncy, we appreciate that this tramp is fitted with 84 springs each measuring 8.5 inches. While these springs are considerably fewer to what the AllyOOP and the Skybound above feature, they are just within the right range for a 12ft tramp, in our opinion.

Other features worth noting here include its no-gap design and concave enclosure system that add to this trampoline’s safety attributes.


  • pros Super easy to install
  • pros Built to last
  • pros Feels sturdy


  • cons Supplied spring-pull tool doesn’t help much

Kinetic K12-6BE Trampoline

Kinetic K12-6BE Trampoline Review

Our rating:

star star star star star



currency usd currency usd currency usd currency usd

Max weight:

weight weight weight weight weight


Available sizes:

Kinetic is not as popular as other big names such as Skywalker and Skybound. However, their K12-6BE really makes a statement when hunting for the best affordable bouncy trampolines with enclosure.

This tramp is 3 folds cheaper than the Stratos above so don’t expect the 2 to compare especially in regards to durability. Despite its basic construction design though, this 12ft trampoline will still offer hours of fun to kids with the weight limit up to 250 pounds.

The Kinetic K12-6BE uses 72 springs which although notably lower than most of its competitors still fall within our recommendable range for a tramp of its size.

Even at its seemingly low price tag, it’s so appealing that this manufacturer did not hesitate to put some basic safety features in place including 6 pairs of w-shaped legs (instead of 4 or even 5) and attaching the safety directly to the mat for a gap-free design.


  • pros Very affordable
  • pros Stable
  • pros Withstands tons of abuse


  • cons Assembling isn’t so easy

Important considerations when choosing the best bounce trampoline

Importance of bounce trampoline shape

The shape of the trampoline chiefly determines the amount of bounce that a trampoline will offer since it has a direct impact on the size of the mat as well as the number of springs that the tramp can take (see below).

Rectangular rebounders make the best trampolines for high bounce since their springs stretch independently leading to controlled takeoffs and landings, no matter the position of the jumper on the mat.

Square trampoline comes second after rectangular models in terms of high bounce. These models are also easy to place and lead to less wasted space. As such, they are ideal for homeowners struggling with yard space.

Difference between trampoline mats: performance and normal mats

There are basically 2 types of trampoline mats: performance mats and normal mats. As the name suggests, performance mats make the bounciest trampolines for competitions in the Olympics. These mats are crafted with thin strings to give them a high porous construction design that allows more air to pass through. It’s this reduced air resistance that gives makes these mats insanely bouncy.

Normal mats are what most trampolines for families use. Although they offer a little bit less bounce than competition mats, those made from polypropylene have a good amount of it. Worth mentioning, rectangular polypropylene mats have the upper hand in terms of bounce since they can accommodate more springs.

Dependence of high bounce on number, length and diameter of springs

One thing that most people emphasize is the number of springs pointing out that the more the springs the higher the bounce. While this is true, the length of the springs as well as the diameter matter a big deal.

Longer springs stretch further thereby leading to a prolonged energy transfer period through your body (this manifests itself as a smooth bounce). Consequently, there is more energy that throws the jumper much higher.

Shorter springs have a short stretch distance that leads to a faster energy transfer. Most of the energy is not transferred to the body of the jumper and this results to a shortstop rebound that is actually harsher and stiffer. The best trampolines for bounce have 8’’-10’’ springs. 7’’ springs aren’t so bad but they won’t offer a smoother bounce especially for heavy and hard jumpers including teens.

About the diameter, fatter springs mean that a longer wire is used and this leads to a longer stretch, extended energy transfer period and a higher jump.

Safety instructions for jumping on bounce trampoline

Although there isn’t absolute certainty on how high the average rebounder can throw a jumper, the best rectangular trampolines for bounce can throw you upwards of 16 feet off the ground. There is no room for error at these heights and that’s why you want to ensure that the tramp has a reliable safety enclosure as well as high quality jumping mat and frame.

Storage of high bounce trampoline

The storage of a bouncy trampoline is no different from the storage of other types of trampolines. The high bounce trampoline should be stored in a dry room, where it will not be affected by bad weather conditions. Moreover, the bouncy trampoline must be periodically wiped from dust and dirt. If such a trampoline is temporarily not used, it is best to use a cover for it.


If yours is a family of gymnasts, this list of the bounciest trampolines for sale is likely to lead you to a model that everyone will love to use. As a recap of what we’ve just covered in the buying guide, remember that bounce in a tramp boils down to its shape and the number of springs and their length.

As you may have realized from the reviews, you don’t necessarily need to spend so much to get a tramp with a better bounce. However, springing some extra bucks might get you a few additional features that add to the fun and safety.


How to make trampoline bounce?

The most bouncy part on the trampoline is in the middle. The basic trampoline bounce requires such movements as bending knees than springing through your feet. When you are going to land, it is necessary to bend at the knees slightly.

How to bounce safely on the trampoline?

It is recommended to bounce in the middle of the dry trampoline mat and learn how to stop jumping before first trampoline use. The further advice is bouncing without footwear or wear socks, it also necessary to make sure that there is free space around the trampoline — at least 2 meters.

How to bounce really high on a trampoline?

There are some advices that can help you to bounce really high on a trampoline. The bigger the trampoline is, the higher bouncing can be achieved. For this purpose, the trampoline should have a large surface area. The next important secrets of high bouncing are jumping in the center of the trampoline and reducing the impact area.

Do bigger trampolines bounce higher?

Yes, it is necessary to ensure that the trampoline is large enough for you. The large surface area of the trampoline guarantees a strong recoil.

Which trampoline has the best bounce?

There are only two main aspects of good bouncing on the trampoline — mat and springs. The trampoline springs are necessary for stretching and coiling back while bouncing. In addition, the springs on the trampoline should provide a softener bounce. The material and shape of the mat also play an important role in the bounce, that’s why it should be made of black polypropylene fabric and be of rectangular shape.

What is double bounce on trampoline?

Double bouncing is considered as the use of a trampoline by two people at the same time. The principle of double bouncing lies in using the weight of two people. Therefore, the actions of one jumper will influence the rebound of another bouncer.

Is there a weight limit for bounce?

There are some trampoline safety standards that provide for possible the maximum weight of 120 kg. People that have excess weight or some health problems should consult with a physician and get permission for bouncing on the trampoline.

How long is a bounce session?

The standard bounce session lasts about an hour. In this interval of time, you have a possibility to clear your mind and ease tension. Moreover, you can improve balance, build up your strengths after heavy weekdays and just have some fun. 

Can you do bounce when pregnant?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to bounce on a trampoline during the period of pregnancy. The bouncing on a trampoline during pregnancy can cause different health problems, which include dizziness and lightheadedness. It is better to consult a physician about possible physical exercises that are permitted during this period.

What do you wear to bounce a trampoline?

The athletic clothing will be the most suitable sports uniform for bouncing on the trampoline. This clothing should be stretchable enough and not constrict your movements. Don’t forget about socks that can help to avoid slipping on the trampoline.

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