There are tons of reasons why each family should have a trampoline today. A trampoline is a sort of a gym only that it’s much more fun and doesn’t have age limitations. 

Since you’re here, we guess you already have one and are looking for more information on what trampoline supplies to buy. Here is a list of trampoline equipment and parts that we believe will make trampolining lots of fun and safer for your family. 

Trampoline equipment and parts

1. Safety net/Enclosure 

A safety net enclosure is among the most crucial trampoline exercise equipment. Although most trampolines ship with the net from the factory, there are a few brands that make this an option. We highly suggest that you get a trampoline with enclosure right of the package for 2 major reasons.

First, there’s the assurance that the net fits well and won’t subject your family to unforeseen safety risks. Second, buying a standalone net is likely to cost you almost half the price of the trampoline. 

What matters when buying a trampoline net? 

If you’re purchasing a new safety enclosure for your trampoline training equipment, we recommend going with polyethylene nets. Besides being affordable, polyethylene nets are flexible and durable compared to polypropylene.

Importantly, double-check the size of the enclosure with regard to the size of your trampoline and the number of poles. On this note, it’d be much better if you bought a net designed explicitly for your trampoline more so by the same manufacturer. 

2. Pole cap 

Pole cap enclosures are perhaps the smallest of all trampoline equipment and supplies. But they give the jumpers a much easier time on the trampoline by preventing the net from falling off the pole with each jump. 

Caps come in all designs and sizes, but they serve the same purpose. Ensure that the caps will fit your poles correctly and without a lot of hassle. In addition, confirm how many caps are included in the package to prevent last-minute inconveniences. 

3. Mats

Another critical component in sports equipment trampoline, the mat is the heart of the rebounder, so to speak. Since this is center of all fun, it’s not surprising that it’s the most abused component in a gymnastics equipment trampoline. 

When buying a replacement mat for your trampoline, go through the specs carefully to ensure that the number of v-rings matches your trampoline’s spring count. 

Which is the best material for trampoline mat, polypropylene, or polyethylene? In our experience, polypropylene mats are the best compared to their polyethylene counterparts. The former has a smooth feeling, and they are super flexible and durable too. 

4. Covers 

The best rebounders in terms of safety and quality are often expensive. So, it makes sense to protect your investment from harmful weather conditions. If you’re going to leave your trampoline workout equipment outside all year round, consider getting a cover. The best trampoline cover should protect the mat from all elements; snow, rain, UV, and dust. Also, it should be easy to put on and off. 

5. Ladder 

This is another critical trampoline safety equipment that is not always included with a new trampoline. So, what features should you consider when purchasing a ladder for a trampoline? First and foremost, ensure that it will fit the height of your trampoline’s jumping surface. Secondly, consider a ladder with a non-permanent top design. This makes it easy to remove the ladder, which minimizes the risk of injuries. In addition, a ladder with flat and textured steps adds another level of safety, especially for the young and elderly jumpers. 

6. Safety Pads- how do you choose the best trampoline spring safety pads? 

We can’t talk of trampoline supplies without touching on the spring safety pads. Springs are among the top culprits when it comes to trampoline injuries. So, they must remain covered at all times. 

When purchasing replacement spring safety pads for your trampoline, make sure that it will fit the size of your trampoline frame. Secondly and importantly, ensure that it’s nicely padded to avert injuries if a jumper lands right on it. To add a degree of safety, go for a brightly-colored safety pad. Besides adding to the trampoline’s appeal, a colored pad is a visual reminder of the danger zone. 

7. Gaming accessories

Trampolining is all about bouncing up and down, but there are tons of ways of spicing things up. Besides the usual trampoline games for kids and adults, you could add trampoline gaming accessories like water toys and basketball hoops.


A safe and fun outdoor trampoline or indoor trampoline is all about fitting it with the right equipment and accessories- and we hope that this post will put you in the right direction when making decisions. Remember, you can’t put a price on your children’s safety and fun. While price doesn’t always reflect quality, be ready to spend a little more if you’re after the best trampoline supplies and equipment.