Our Trampoline Size Guide below will surely assist you in choosing the ideal trampoline size for you if you’re considering purchasing a new trampoline, whether you’re completely new to trampolines or you’ve owned a few and are simply looking for some additional advice.

Generally speaking, you should get a trampoline that will fit in your garden and have 1 to 2 meters of clearance on all sides. The number of children you anticipate using the trampoline, their ages, and the size of your yard will all influence what size you should purchase.

Trampoline size chart considering age & size

1 Year OldMini Trampoline
2 Year OldMini Trampoline
3 Year OldMini Trampoline
4 Year OldMini Trampoline to 6ft Trampoline
5 Year Old6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
6 Year Old6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
7 Year Old6ft Trampoline to 12ft Trampoline
8 Year Old9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
9 Year Old9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
10 Year Old9ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline
11 Year Old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
12 Year Old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
13 Year Old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
14 Year Old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
15 Year Old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+
16 Year Old12ft Trampoline to 14ft Trampoline+

Deep insights: Selecting the perfect-size trampoline.

We want to emphasize that the aforementioned chart is only a simple reference and that there are other important considerations that will help you choose the ideal size trampoline for your children’s backyard:

1. How big is your garden, firstly?

In addition to the size of your yard, consider the size of the area you have set aside for the new trampoline. For instance, purchasing a 14-foot trampoline won’t be particularly practical if you only have space for a ten-foot type.

2. What style is your garden, exactly?

The form of your garden is closely related to its size because, while it could be difficult to place an 11-foot round model there, it might be possible to fit an 11-by-7-foot or an 8-by-11-foot oval model there with the necessary clearance.

3. Sufficient clearance

In order to avoid accidents with fences, trees, branches, garden sheds, oil tanks, and other difficult-to-move things that are common in gardens, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that the majority of trampoline manufacturers advise giving 1 to 2 meters of space around the trampoline.

4. How many kids are planning to use the trampoline?

While it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions, you also need to be practical and take into account how many people will normally want to use the trampoline. Most manufacturers advise only allowing one user on the trampoline at a time.

For instance, you may choose one of the smaller varieties if you anticipate your youngster using the trampoline almost exclusively by himself or herself.

However, a larger model would be more appropriate if you anticipate that your child will use the trampoline more frequently with one or two siblings or friends.

5. What age are your kids?

Larger trampolines will generally be preferred by older and bigger children, but it’s also critical to consider the other characteristics stated above.

6. Household size

With everything else being equal, the more kids you have, the bigger the trampoline you’ll need because it’s more probable they’ll want to use it together, and maybe even with friends.

Larger families can benefit from 14-foot trampolines, and they also work well for playdates between children and their friends.

If you decide to raise your family, they will be able to do so and still have room to develop.

7. Budget

It’s critical to take your budget into account while determining the size of trampoline that would work best for you. While trampoline size certainly influences the price of the one you choose, it is not the only consideration.

Additional elements that influence pricing

  • Depending the trampoline brand, you select,
  • Which range, ordinary, premium, or elite, you like.
  • What kind of safety enclosure and springs do you want, among many other things.

What is the most common trampoline size?

In the beginning, you might be curious to learn which trampoline sizes are the most common since that knowledge could assist you in choosing the trampoline size that is best for you.

In general, parents of smaller children will get a 9- or 11-foot trampoline, while those with older children or those who have larger yards would purchase a 12,5- or 14-foot trampoline. Budget, garden size, and other considerations all play a big role.

It must be acknowledged that there are a wide variety of trampoline sizes, brands, designs, and prices available, with options to fit every desire.

Creating a list of everything you require is something we advise, while keeping an eye on the most popular models may also be helpful.

What trampoline sizes are available?

1. Round Trampoline Sizes

The following sizes are usual for round trampolines:

 4,6ft140 cm

2. Rectangular Trampoline Sizes

The following sizes are usual for round trampolines:

 5 x 7ft153 x 214 cm
 7 x 10ft214 x 305 cm
 7 x 12ft214 x 366 cm
 8 x 12ft244 x 366 cm
 8 x 14ft244 x 427 cm
 9 x 6ft280 x 190 cm
 9 x 15ft275 x 458 cm
 11 x 7ft330 x 220 cm
 13 x 8ft410 x 250 cm
 16,4 x 9,10ft500 x 300 cm
 10 x 17ft305 x 519 cm
 9 x 12ft294 x 366 cm
 6 x 9ft198 x 294 cm
 12 x 13ft366 x 414 cm

3. Oval Trampoline Sizes

The following are popular sizes for oval trampolines:

 350 x 250 cm8,2 x 11,6ft
 470 x 310 cm15,5 x 10,2ft
 520 x 345 cm17 x 11,4ft
 240 x 340 cm8 x 11ft
 240 x 400 cm8 x 13ft

4. Square Trampoline Sizes

Our preferred square trampoline dimensions are:

 11 x 11ft340 x 340 cm
 6 x 6ft198 x 198 cm
 9 x 9ft294 x 294 cm
 12 x 12ft366 x 366 cm

What size trampoline is best for you?


4-6ft Trampolinesyoung children, compact gardens, and indoor play areas for active youngsters.
6-8ft TrampolinesAs youngsters become older, there is more space and a better bounce. Perfect for patios and small gardens.
9ft, 10ft, 11ftsuitable for gardens of a medium size with additional space for fun jumping.
12,5 to 14ftIdeal size for expansive yards and for older children who need space to play games, bounce, and rest.
14ft+Strongly bouncy for energetic children; vast garden is necessary.

What is the cost of each trampoline size?

The cost of the trampoline you select will depend on its size, among other things:

  • A brand of trampolines,
  • Springs, cushioning, jump mat, and safety net quality ratings,
  • The model, whether it has an enclosure or not; • the extras you choose, such as anchors, a ladder, a cover, and a basketball hoop;
  • The cost of installation, particularly for in-ground versions; and if you want a standard, in-ground, or flat-ground model.

What trampoline should you buy for your kids in accordance with their age?

1. What trampoline is suitable for 1 to 3 year olds?

Under 3s — You need to make sure the toddlers have a strong and safe trampoline where they may jump to their hearts’ delight. It is fine to consider a little trampoline, sometimes known as a toddler trampoline, for this age range.

They still have plenty of areas to bounce on this smaller-sized trampoline without it becoming overpowering. Additionally, if they are on a toddler trampoline, they are less likely to suffer an injury.

2. What trampoline is suitable for 4 year olds?

4-year-olds- When your child reaches this age range, they could be prepared to switch to a trampoline that is a little larger. A tiny trampoline will still be adequate, although they might prefer upgrading to a 4.5–6-foot trampoline.

They will have greater space to move about without being hurt because of this.

3. What trampoline is for children age 5 and 6?

Five and six-year-olds If your child is between the ages of 5 and 6, you should look at trampolines that are 6 to 10 feet tall so that they are suitable for their age.

A 10 to 12 feet trampoline will provide children headed for age 6 hours of entertainment, but a 6 to 8 feet trampoline may be more suitable if they are closer to age 5.

4. What trampoline for children ages 7 and 8?

Children aged 7 and 8 We suggest choosing an 8–12-foot trampoline for your yard if your kids are between the ages of 7-8. They will have ample room to bounce securely and try the occasional trick on a trampoline that is not just age-appropriate but also this size.

5. For ages 9–10, what trampoline?

Nine and ten year olds as the kids get a little older, we advise you to look at trampolines that range in size from 10 to 14 feet. They may move about freely and the size will safely support their weight.

6. What trampoline is suitable for age 11–13?

11 to 13 year olds When they are in their teens, we advise choosing a trampoline that is between 12 and 17 feet long. This size will provide them plenty of room to move around securely when jumping.

7. What trampoline is for children over 14?

After the age of 14, we advise choosing a trampoline that is larger than 14+ in size. These bigger trampolines provide adequate room for people who are taking gymnastics more seriously and are constructed to support heavier loads.