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Best tricks to do on a trampoline

Author: Eric P. Garvin

Trampolines are meant to be jumped on- at least that’s what every beginner thinks. However, although there’s still some fun in trying to jump as high as possible, simply jumping on a trampoline soon becomes boring and tiresome.

There are lots of cool tricks to do on a trampoline- and the good news is that you don’t necessarily need the best gymnastics trampoline to try them out. Here are a few trampoline moves that will spice up your trampoline fun with friends. 



The tuck jump is a cool trampoline trick for beginners. Not to despise it, you’ll need to perfect this trick first as its forms the basis of all other trampoline pro moves. 

To do a tuck jump on a trampoline, you’ll need to make a jump and then fold your knees towards your chest as you go up. Then, grab the area just below your knees with your hands as you prepare to land. 


Once you perfect the tuck jump, then the front flip will be very easy to master. To perform this trick, begin with a hearty jump and tuck in knees towards your chest and use your hands to grab the area just below the knees. Next, push yourself forward so that you flip towards your front. Ensure that you land on your feet. 


This is pretty much similar to a front flip only that you flip backward. Make a strong tuck jump and then push yourself backward and ensure to land on your feet. 


You’ve guessed it right. This is a little bit different from front and back flips in that you push yourself to the sides. It also requires a good deal of practice but it’s a cool trampoline trick that you can challenge your friends to try out. 


This is yet another fun trampoline trick for children and adults alike. As the name suggests, this trampoline move requires you to land on your butts. To do it, jump straight in the air and bring your legs forward at a 90-degree angle at the waist. As you land, bring your hands to the back against the mat and try to spring back up for another seat drop. Try doing multiple drops in a row. 


If you are looking for easy trampoline tricks, make a jump and then aim at landing on your knees. It’s simple but quite fun especially with friends. 


You may be able to perfect pretty much all the trampoline tricks that we’ve mentioned above in a couple of minutes. But making a standing full takes time and a good deal of practice. This trick is very challenging even for pro gymnasts and we advise you to perfect back tucks before trying it out. 


  • Start by standing near one side of the tramp facing outward. Then, stand on your tiptoes and raise your hands over your head 
  • With a good amount of force, swing your hands downwards and bend your knees simultaneously to gain momentum
  • With the same momentum, swing your hands upward and bounce up as high as possible and then arch your back as you’d do in a back tuck
  • While you are in the air, turn your shoulders in the direction of the twist while tucking your hands towards your torso. Next, rotate your hips and shoulders towards the direction of the twist and, if possible, tuck your legs towards your chest during the rotation
  • As you head down, straighten your legs and aim at landing in the same direction as you started