Trampolines are commonly considered as a fun tool more so for kids and teens. But what might surprise you is that mini trampoline exercises are much more recommended for fitness training than hitting the tracks. 

The reason why personal trampoline exercises are all the rave at the moment is that they inflict much less impact on your bones than jogging. Also, with the right exercises, you can torch over a hundred calories at the comfort of your home. 

Full-size trampoline or mini-trampoline? 

Any of these trampolines will do. But keep in mind that the exercises that you can do on either vary greatly and so do the results. Mini-trampolines are the most preferred for workouts. This explains why they are the tools of choice for most gyms. 

Effective small trampoline exercises

1. Twist 

This is one of the most effective ab exercises to do on a trampoline and it’s also quite fun and easy. Stand on the trampoline and make some gentle bounces up and down. Next, bring your arms to chest level with the elbows bent. Then start twisting your body to the right and your knees to the left and do the same with the opposite direction. Do this exercise in a set of 5 with one-minute breaks between each set. 

2. Do the basic bounce 

This one is simple but it has been found to burn lots of calories. To do it, you need to stand on the trampoline with your feet 6 ft apart. Next, fold your arms towards your chest so that the elbows face outward and then slightly bend your knees. Having done this, start making light bounces up and down ensuring that your feet get at least 6’’ off the mat. Do a set of 30 jumps between each rest. 

3. Jump and Tuck 

The jump and tuck are among the best fitness trampoline workouts especially if you want to tone your tummy- and it’s very simple to do. Jump up and down and pull your knees towards your chest. Try to bring your chest towards the legs too. Do this in a set of 25 jumps and tucks before resting. 

4. Do trampoline prances 

These indoor trampoline exercises will greatly help in increasing your blood flow thereby boosting detoxification and melting fat zones. Stand on the mat with your feet 6 ft apart then place your hands on your hips and bend your knees slightly. Next, slowly bounce up and down and alternate lifting your right and left knees up to hip level. 

5. Jog on the trampoline 

Jogging on the tracks is a great workout only that it has a higher impact on your joints and bones. But you can reap the same benefits minus the impacts by jogging on your mini trampoline. This mini trampoline workout is much similar to jogging outdoors, except you don’t leave your home. 

Is jumping on a trampoline good exercise? 

Well, here are some of the benefits of a mini trampoline workout routine; 

  • It tightens connective tissue 
  • Has minimal impacts on your muscles, joints, and bones
  • Normalizes blood sugar levels 
  • Boosts immunity 
  • Helps in melting fat zones 
  • It enhances stress resistance 
  • Boosts muscle development and balance