If you have ever been on a trampoline or you have one at home, then you know firsthand how fun they are. Children can spend hours jumping on a trampoline, which gives you more than enough time to get your chores done and even take some personal time.

However, after using a trampoline for a certain length of time, some of its components will start giving in to all the pressure and abuse and prolonged UV exposure thereby calling for replacements. Thus, it’s important that you check the trampoline for pulled stitching around the rings, frays, tears, punctures, loose threads or holes and any other mishaps such as bent or missing rings and/or springs.

Other than the replacement parts, there are several other good-to-have and must-have accessories that you might want to add to your trampoline, that is, if the manufacturer didn’t include them in the package.

While some of these parts are purely for safety purposes, others aim at adding more fun to the trampoline.

Let`s take a look into some of those best trampoline accessories available in the market today so we can increase safety and have fun along the way.

1. Enclosure Nets

Enclosure net receive the most abuse after the jumping mat and are, therefore, subject to wear over time. Since nets are very important accessories for safety purposes, they should be replaced immediately they wear out to avoid accidents that might occur if someone fell off the trampoline or if a child`s fingers or toes were caught in the tear or hole.

Most trampolines come with the enclosure net included in the package today. However, there are some manufacturer’s including Kidwise who don’t include it and expect you to purchase it separately if you need it.

When buying a replacement enclosure net, choose UV protected high-quality nets which are more durable than regular untreated ones. In regard to the material, polyethylene enclosure nets are the simply the best since they are both flexible and tear-proof.

There are a whole lot of other things that matter when buying a replacement trampoline net though.

How to Buy a trampoline replacement net

Step 1: Identify the size and style of your existing net, availability, and compatibility with other brands

Understanding the size and style of your existing net is the first step to getting an enclosure that will keep your family safe. Worth keeping in mind is that, while most nets are compatible across brands, some manufacturers make the nets unique to their trampolines only.

Here are the major styles of enclosure nets and some of their compatible trampoline brands:
⦁ Straight poles with poles with bolts- Airzone and Bravo
⦁ Straight-curved poles- Skywalker
⦁ Straight poles with pole caps with handles- Jumptek and Jumpzone
⦁ Curved poles- Skybound
⦁ Arched poles with straps- Orbounder, Bazoong, and Jumpking
⦁ Arched poles with sleeves- Sports Power and Bounce Pro
⦁ Poles that use a top ring- Bazoongi, Bounce Pro, SkyBound, Sports Power, Orbounder, and JumpKing

Step 2: Determine the number of enclosure support poles on your trampoline

Trampoline with enclosure net have varying number of net support poles depending on the size of the trampoline.

Step 3: Determine the diameter of the trampoline’s steel frame

The last step involves determining the diameter of your trampoline’s frame. To make sure that you get the right measurement, take 2 measurements one from the 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock positions and another one from the 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock positons.

2. Replacement Mats

As mentioned earlier on, the mat is the most abused component of the trampoline and, needless to mention, if it isn’t at par with the quality of the other parts, then the entire fun of the trampoline will be affected. A common question that most of our readers ask is, ‘’how often should I replace my trampoline mat?’’

This largely depends on the weather conditions that the mat has been exposed to, (harsh winter, too much sun), how often it has been used and the intensity of the jumps. For instance, it might take quite some quite before the need to replace a mat on a small trampoline that is not used regularly than an adult’s trampoline’s mat that is jumped almost daily.

However, everything else held constant, and for maximum bounce and safety, the general recommendation is that the mat should be replaced every 2 years or so. There are available trampoline mats for sale in the market.

Your mat will need replacement if it has a loose thread, a puncture or a tear. If the tear is not that bad, you can decide to repair it instead of replacing the entire mat. This can be done using trampoline material patches in combination with waterproof glue (with tensile strength) to repair holes and tears. You can indeed repair tears up to 3” long or holes that are up to 2” in diameter.

How to buy the best trampoline mat

Buying a trampoline replacement mat follows similar steps to buying an enclosure net. Although some jumping mats are designed to be usable on different frames, you really want to ensure that it will fit from the word go.

The obvious way of ensuring that you are getting the right mat is to get a similar mat to the existing one (and from the same manufacturer). That way, you’ll be assured that the available v-rings will perfectly fit the number of springs that your trampoline uses.

In case you don’t like your current mat, though, you’ll want to check for something else. The first thing that you want to keep in mind when buying a trampoline mat is the material used.

There are basically 2 types of materials that are used to make trampoline mats: polypropylene and polyethylene.

The best trampoline mats are made of polypropylene while cheap trampoline mats are made of polyethylene.

Here are a few reasons why polypropylene mats trump over other types:
⦁ They are strong and durable- these mats have tensile high strength and remain usable for years to come without breaking;
⦁ This material makes the mat smooth so it won’t bruise the jumpers and it’s also anti-slip. This enables the jumpers to have a better grip of the mat which is vital for creating and maintaining a bounce;
⦁ It is flexible- this is actually what gives polypropylene mats their incredible bounce and the good thing is that these mats flex without stretching and sagging as other materials do.

Importantly, if you are buying a replacement mat for a gymnastic or professional trampoline, consider a model that has been crafted using Permatron.

What is Permatron?

Permatron is a high-quality fabric made by combining polypropylene with carbon. The resultant fabric has a magnificent consistency and a smooth surface that boosts the overall comfort of the jumper.

Of course, a Permatron trampoline mat will cost you handsomely. However, the fact that it is engineered to withstand the harshest environment means that it will pay for itself over and over again. The best part about this fabric is that it does not stretch, crease, or fold. Again, it always returns to its flat position thereby giving you a great bounce with every jump.

3. Basketball Hoops

There is something about dunking and shooting a basketball through a hoop while jumping on a trampoline that makes you feel like an expert and you and your kids will love it! It comes with a rim (zinc coated rims are resistant to environmental conditions) and HDPE board.

If your trampoline didn`t come with one, you can order a universal trampoline basketball hoop that can be adjusted and attached to a trampoline pole, or get one from Amazon or even from the store nearest to you.

In addition, trampoline toys such as soft material balls will make the trampoline experience a blast for your children.

4. Wind Stakes

Wind stakes are a necessary trampoline accessory and addition. They help ground the trampoline during storms and wind. As long as you have wind stakes supporting the legs of your trampoline, it will remain stable, firm and safe on the ground. There is a variety to choose from but whichever your choice, ensure they are good quality. They should be made of galvanized steel which is weather-resistant to prevent premature rusting and corrosion.

5. Access ladders and slides

Ladders are an integral part of a trampoline especially to any parent or guardian with little ones to avoid accidents while getting on or off a trampoline. If you have two entryways you can attach a ladder on one side and a slide on the other. These are cool trampoline ideas that add to the fun. Ensure that the ladder does not have any sharp edges and that it has large steps.

More importantly, ensure that both the ladder and the slide are stable and that they firmly attach to the steel frame on the entry point so that they cannot tip or slip when the children are getting on or off.

6. Weather covers

These are primarily sold for protection against adverse weather conditions such as stormy rains, harsh winter months and harmful sun rays. Even if your trampoline is UV resistant, protecting it with a weather cover from harsh environmental conditions will lengthen its lifespan.

Debris that fly around can soak, rest on your trampoline for months causing great damage on the jumping mat. You can choose between one that covers the entire trampoline and one that covers the mat only. Do not view this as an added cost because it can save you from buying an entirely new trampoline.

7. Frame/ Spring Pads

Also known as cover pads, they are designed for a variety of trampoline designs and sizes and are key accessories to have. They are good at absorbing shock making them a safety measure that must not be ignored and ensure jumpers are not caught or pinched by the springs. They also cushion them if they land on the springs and protect them from falling through the spaces between the springs.

The best trampolines pads for sale are water and UV resistant and are made from polyethylene and high tenacity polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The pad must cover the entire trampoline frame and are secured on the frames using connectors.

8. Foam Sleeves

Just like the frame pads, foam sleeves cushion users if they accidentally hit the steel frames. They are made of expanded polyethylene (EPE) which means they are not affected by environmental conditions and, therefore, guarantee performance and longevity. They are lightweight and excellent in energy absorption making them resilient and flexible.

9. Trampoline Springs and Tools

The main purpose of trampoline springs is to connect the jumping mat to the steel frame. The tools are to help you avoid injury when installing the springs which can also sometimes be delicate. They also are vital in separating the bounce impact, therefore, easing the pressure on the jumper`s knees.

Basically, a trampoline spring coiled wire which is considered universal due to its compatibility with most trampolines. There are made from different types of materials, have different diameter measurements and have a varying number of coils. The best springs are those that are made from galvanized steel because they are resistant to most weather conditions.

10. Plastic Parts

Plastic parts are incorporated to bring down production cost and general weight of the trampoline. For example, the net pole requires and uses a plastic cap. The size of the cap will depend on the size of the pole. The color choice for most plastic parts will be attributed to the existing theme of the trampoline.

11. A Shoe Bag

Shoe bags are simple trampoline accessories that are mainly made of durable reinforced mesh with straps. They are simple to install and maintain and just as the name suggests, they are mainly for shoe storage but can also be used to store other personal items such as phones or basketballs. Your kid`s shoes do not have to scatter all over the trampoline court, and you can also keep their drinking water there in bottles.


We all agree that these parts and accessories are important for safety, fun and optimal performance of your trampoline. There are many trampoline accessories for sale that you can invest in and make a world of difference, and the above mentioned can get you started.

As you may have noticed, most replacement accessories are termed as universal but that doesn’t mean the will automatically fit in your rebounder. However, most universal parts can be adjusted to fit and with the help of a professional consultant, they can be of great help.

To avoid injury while installing some of these accessories and accidents from poor installation, do not hesitate to call on a professional to do the installation for you, because your safety and that of your children should always come first.