Fun trampoline games for kids and adults - Trampoline Guide

Fun trampoline games for kids and adults

Author: Eric P. Garvin

An outdoor trampoline can provide tons of fun to the entire family. But you need to add more creative ideas to your trampoline routine. 

In the next couple of minutes, we’ll be revealing 10 fun trampoline games that can turn things around in your backyard trampoline parties. 


Nothing brings more fun to the game than seeing your buddies trying to dodge a softball on a bouncy trampoline. This is one of the best trampoline games for six and it helps with coordination and balance. To play it, have someone throw and try to bounce a baseball off others. 


In this game, one person (it) will be on the ground and is supposed to throw a baseball to others who are jumping on the trampoline non-stop. If a person misses the ball, drops it, or stops jumping, he/she leaves the mat. The last person on the mat is the winner. 


This is an interesting trampoline game for the family. One person gets in the trampoline as another player throws a baseball over the trampoline enclosure. The player in the trampoline should try to catch the ball midair. Whoever catches the most balls out of 10 throws is the winner. 


One of the best games to play on the trampoline, have 5 small balls in the trampoline and the team players jumping around them. Whoever is touched by one of the balls dies or gets out depending on your rules. 


There are not so many trampoline games for 2 people. But blowing several balloons and throwing them in the trampoline will create a lot of fun for any number of kids. 


This is a trampoline game for 3-6 players. One player who plays the dead man lies in the middle of the mat with eyes blindfolded. The dead man rolls or crawls and tries to touch other players as they run away from him. They should not jump over the dead man, though. Whoever is touched plays the dead man. Unfortunately, most indoor trampolines are not suitable for this.


This trampoline ball game requires 1 person inside the trampoline (piggy) and 2 others outside and in opposite directions. The 2 players outside the trampoline should throw a ball between each other while the piggy tries to grab it midair. The person who throws the losing ball plays the next piggy. 


The Twister is one of the most interesting trampoline games for two players. Use some colored chalks to draw a game of twister on your trampoline mat. Then, have 2 people stand at the center of the mat and follow another player’s commands (the referee) on which of the icons to stand on without falling over. The winner is the player who maintains balance the longest. 


Wondering which 2 player games for kids to play with your youngster? Try out the bubble park! Get on the trampoline with your child and start blowing bubbles in all directions. The child should try to pop as many bubbles as possible before falling onto the surface of the mat. 


The name of this trampoline game gives it away. It involves 2-4 people standing in the trampoline in a circle. One of the players starts counting 1-3 as everyone jumps up. At the shout of sit, everyone sits down on their butts. If at least 2 players land on their bottoms simultaneously, the others will be sent flying high in the air and this is what brings all the fun in this game.