Amazon Prime Trampoline Deals

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Who Qualifies for Amazon Trampoline Prime Day?

This massive savings event is prime members exclusive. Amazon Prime annual subscription is $119, and the monthly membership is $12.99.

Don’t worry if you are not an Amazon Prime member, though. You have an opportunity to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime and make the most of prime day trampoline offers like anyone else.

Amazon Prime Trampoline Deals

Deal #1

[amazon box=”B07SMGQ18F” template=”horizontal”]

This BCAN rebounder is one of the leading Amazon prime trampoline with handle offers to keep an eye out for. This mini-trampoline has an edge-to-edge diameter of 40 inches and a jumping mat diameter of 28 inches. The package also includes a nicely padded handlebar with 4 height adjustment levels between 32″ and 42″.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel tubes, and the legs have anti-slide rubber caps for increased safety and to prevent scratching your floors. Its manufacturer-suggested weight limit of 330 lbs makes it the perfect deal for pretty much the entire family. Oh, and it can fold into two with the mat attached without any tools. 

Deal #2

[amazon box=”B087XCZVXL” template=”horizontal”]

If you’re eyeing a foldable fitness trampoline that uses bungee cords, Fit Bounce Pro XL might be just what you need. This model has a weight limit of 300 lbs, so it’s safe for use by both adults and children.

It uses elastic cords- not springs. This means that you can comfortably use it in the living room with the rest of the family without causing noise disturbance. This design should offer some relief if you’re worried about landing on springs.  

This is one of the most robust fitness trampolines available for Amazon Prime Day deals. You may also like that the legs and frame can bend for storage.

Deal #3

[amazon box=”B073NZLPSZ” template=”horizontal”]

You’re saving a minimum of $50 on the Langxun 60″ trampoline for kids. As most parents attest, this is an incredibly sturdy trampoline designed for optimum safety without compromising the element of fun.

Designed for 1-7 yo kids, this trampoline is straightforward to put together and takes around 90 minutes tops. It uses 4-inch high-gauge stainless steel springs to ensure a good bounce. Good thing, though, there’s no gap between the UV-treated PE jumping mat and the spring system, so the risk of injuries is greatly reduced. Your kids also get a removable basketball hoop to add to the fun.

Deal #4

[amazon box=”B07QNTJ923″ template=”horizontal”]

A Trampoline Guide Award-winning rebounder, the Dinosaur Amazon Prime exercise trampoline will save you almost $50 on its usual price. As a bungee cord-based trampoline, the Dinosaur offers your kids a comparably safer way of burning pent-up energy and developing strength, balance, and stamina without worrying about spring-related risks.

This rebounder has a frame diameter of 36 inches and uses 6 legs to support a maximum load of up to 220 pounds. The frame is foldable for easy storage, and a fully padded handlebar is included in the package.

Deal #5

[amazon box=”B07SK62774″ template=”horizontal”]

The BCAN mini trampoline (model #3124) has been a top-seller in the Fitness Trampolines category since its debut around 3 years ago. It’s so impressive that it’s included in the Amazon Prime exercise trampoline deals for 2021.

This workout rebounder has a diameter of 38 inches (frame to frame), but the jumping surface is 28 inches. The easy-to-clean PP mat is attached to 28 steel strings capable of supporting heavy adults weighing up to 300 lbs. Like other BCAN rebounders, this model will easily fold into 2 and slide under the sofa, bed, and even in your car trunk.

Deal #6

[amazon box=”B082XSMV61″ template=”horizontal”]

The Ativafit 36-inch is a fantastic Amazon Prime Day trampoline for kids. This model is discounted by up to 40% saving you money on your child’s first adult-like trampoline. Its construction features a heavy-duty steel frame, high elasticity springs, and a heavy-duty rebounding mat.

The rebounder sits on 6 (not 4) legs with rubber holders to minimize noise and prevent the rebounder from slipping around.

This folding mini-trampoline with a handle has a recommended weight limit of 180 lbs, so it’s usable by most kids and some adults.

Deal #7

[amazon box=”B08KCQ972K” template=”horizontal”]

It’s not always that you get a heavy-duty family fitness trampoline at around $100. That’s why you don’t want to miss out on the FirstE rebounder during the Amazon Prime Day event. This is one of the top-rated foldable fitness trampolines around.

Its spacious 48-inch frame diameter coupled with its 8-leg design makes it a solid option for a wide range of trampoline workout exercises. And its 400-pound weight limit is an assurance that even heavy individuals are safe on it.

Despite its low price tag, the FirstE foldable fitness trampoline package also includes a 4-level height-adjustable handrail to suit beginners and children.

Deal #8

[amazon box=”B0778RX686″ template=”horizontal”]

This SereneLife is another prime early access deal trampoline worth spending on during this 2-day event. This is a trendy mini trampoline for kids and offers great value at an incredibly low price tag.

Its design features a 36-inch frame diameter and a 32-inch tall padded handlebar that offers additional support when jumping. This model uses bungee cords (spring-free), and the frame is heavily padded to minimize the risk of injuries.

The SereneLife fitness trampoline is sturdy and stable and can accommodate jumpers of up to 150 lbs. Set up is a breeze, and the trampoline can be folded in half to save space on storage.

Deal #9

[amazon box=”B07GDC95P5″ template=”horizontal”]

Strong, stable, and durable are some of the key highlights of this trampoline. This is a highly recommendable unit if you’re looking for the best mini trampoline for kids that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Coming from a trampoline brand that’s so intent on jumpers’ safety, this rebounder features a high-quality jumping mat secured with high-stretch springs. The spring system boasts a padded cover that extends to cushion the entire frame. Your purchase will also come with an easy-grip padded handrail that can be easily attached or removed as the jumper wishes.

Deal #10

[amazon box=”B08FLKB4FP” template=”horizontal”]

It’s easy to see why this trampoline Songmics fitness trampoline will be flying out of the shelves on Amazon Prime Day 2021. This is a 40-inch mini trampoline for home workouts with a premium PP jumping mat and bungee cord combination. The other thing that makes this trampoline a great addition to your workout routine is its padded handlebar and elastic resistance bands. Designed to accommodate different users (14+ years), you can adjust the handlebar between 43.3″ and 51.2″.

The bungee cords and mat come pre-installed for you. Once the package arrives, mount the legs and handrail and jump your way to fitness.


A question you’re probably asking yourself is, “are Amazon Prime trampoline deals worth it?” The answer is a resounding “yes.” We’ve seen trampoline prices being slashed by up to 50% before. If you’re on a budget but need a quality fitness trampoline for adults or children, this could be your chance.