About Us

Hello, my name is Nolan Harris, a father of 3 great children, the owner and the chief editor at Trampolines.guide. I have been working as a trampoline seller since 2002 to date, so 2 things are pretty much obvious; first, mine is a family of trampoline lovers and anything else bouncy and 2, I know quite a lot about these fun tools.

For instance, I know the differences between trampolines that cost, let’s say, two hundred bucks from those that cost over a grand. But I also know that high price tags don’t always reflect high quality.

One thing that I have realized throughout my career is that most people find it very difficult to choose the right trampoline especially on matters regarding trampoline safety, quality, durability, and real-time performance.

Regarding the issue of safety, a common question that I am asked almost every day is whether spring-based trampolines are any safer nowadays considering all the improvements that have been put in place. Most people who ask this question also tend to ask whether non-spring tramps are the best and the major improvements that these models bring on board beside their claim of being a little bit safer.

These common yet vital questions are what inspired me to start this site. I took my knowledge and collected questions that people often ask, gathered this info and tried to answer each point on my website.

Thank you and I hope that I’ll help you get a great trampoline for your needs.